The pros and cons of raising a bilingual child

Raising children to be bilingual is becoming increasingly popular in today’s globalised world. Having your child learn two languages can open new possibilities for them, but it can also bring some challenges. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of raising a bilingual child so you can make an informed decision about … Read more

Should joined-up handwriting still be taught in School?

As someone on the cusp of the millennial gen-Z border, (born in the late 1990s), my childhood fell just before the age of smart-phone ubiquity, right before the iPad era. People my age will be the last to reach adulthood without a childhood spent primarily online. Throughout my school years, we took notes on paper … Read more

The impact of the pandemic on children’s education

What was the impact of the pandemic on children’s education? Will they ever catch up? When the first lockdown began, I was in my second year of university. I ended up moving home like many other students. Days usually went like this: I’d potter about reading for my essays, my parents were working. My brothers … Read more

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