Expert 11+ tuition that puts your child first

“He has more confidence and he doesn’t give up as easily. He can look back and realise how far he has come which is brilliant!”

Award-winning maths and English tuition to support your child along the path to Grammar School. Enrol from just £65 per month.


Is Grammar school the right path for your child?

In the UK, entrance to selective Grammar and independent schools is a popular route that many children and their parents aspire to. Yet with only one in six of all applicants being offered a place, it’s an extremely competitive process and can be quite gruelling for children.

At Eye Level, we put your child at the centre of our 11+ tuition programme right from the word go. This child-centric approach means we communicate honestly about your child’s ability and whether we believe they are likely to pass the entrance exams. We know the examination process inside out and have years of experience in coaching children towards the tests, but we recognise that a lot of what it takes to pass comes down to a natural aptitude for particular skills.

That’s why we offer a FREE assessment that can be taken any time from Year 1 and tells you how your child is tracking against the levels required to do well in 11+ entrance exams. If we don’t believe it’s in their best interest to work towards the exams, we’ll be completely honest with you.

A structured 52-week programme

Having the natural ability to succeed in 11+ exams is only half the battle. Unless your child is properly prepared and fluent in the types of questions they are likely to see on the exam paper, it can all be quite overwhelming – especially under the pressure of exam conditions.

That’s why our 11+ tuition programme is a specific 52-week plan designed to focus in on the critical-thinking and problem-solving aspects required to be successful. Unlike other 11+ tuition providers, we will only enrol a student if they have a clear 52 weeks before the test, which usually means starting in the first week of Year 5.

We believe that a steady, structured path to the exams is a much better foundation than trying to cram everything into a frantic three-month period before the test. That’s not fun for parents and it’s definitely not fun or productive for your child!

Expert 11+ tutoring

All our 11+ students are assigned a dedicated tutor who has vast experience in coaching children to succeed in entrance examinations. The same tutor stays with your child for the whole 52 weeks, so they have a familiar face to give them feedback, encouragement and support as they progress.

Our tutors are not just there to teach, but to ask questions and encourage self-led learning. In doing so, they help your child become a highly motivated, independent learner while increasing their confidence and belief in their ability to succeed. These are qualities that are not only sought after by Grammar schools, but that will stand your child in good stead no matter where life takes them.

Personalised 11+ tuition based on our award-winning curriculum

The Eye Level 11+ tuition programme is based on our award-winning curriculums for maths and English.

Grammar and independent schools are looking for high levels of ability in these two core subjects, but it’s about more than being good with words and numbers.

Examiners are also seeking evidence that your child can perform under pressure, think critically and solve problems for themselves.

After completing our initial assessment, your child will receive a personalised, structured tuition plan that’s been adapted specifically to prepare them for the 11+ exams. Their curriculum will develop their ability in the following core areas:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Written composition
  • Vocabulary development
  • Punctuation, grammar and spelling
  • Arithmetic and number confidence
  • Advanced problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Reasoning abilities

Study online or in-centre

Any child, anywhere in the UK can get access to our specialist tuition for 11+ and independent entrance exams.

If you live near an Eye Level Learning Centre, you can come to class up to twice a week and complete workbooks at home in between sessions.

If you can’t get to a centre or your child simply prefers to study remotely, our online-learning platform, Eye Level ON AIR, allows children to progress through their study plan from the comfort of their home. You’ll receive the same individually tailored curriculum, the same printed workbooks and just as much access to 1-to-1 coaching as a student who attends one of our Learning Centres.

How does Eye Level 11+ tuition work?


Book a free diagnostic test to assess your child’s readiness for 11+ tuition.


Receive comprehensive feedback on your child’s abilities and recommendations for their tailored 11+ curriculum.


Complete your registration by booking your in-centre class or enrolling with Eye Level ON AIR.


Begin your programme! Work through your personalised 52-week plan using our classes, coaching, teaching tools, guides and concept videos.


Contact your dedicated tutor any time you need advice or support.


Apply for the entrance exams directly with the school/s you are interested in attending.


Use the skills and knowledge you’ve gained from your 11+ tuition to demonstrate your learning in your entrance exam.


Look forward to starting Year 7 in your new school!

Get started TODAY!

See the Eye Level difference for yourself with a FREE prospectus, learning assessment and sample study plan, with no obligation to enrol!

How it works:

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Why do parents choose Eye Level?

Who better to answer that question than our parents themselves? Here’s what they have to say about their experience of Eye Level tuition:

“The boys have been doing diagnostic tests at school for the past few weeks to ascertain their individual abilities. Both boys have come out ahead in all their English and Maths. This is a huge progression starting the year ahead of everything for their age and just confirms how well Eye Level is working for them”.
“He has more confidence and he doesn’t give up as easily. He can look back and realise how far he has come which is brilliant!”
“I really like the Critical Thinking workbooks which I didn’t find from other options out there”
“We tried another provider first but he didn’t enjoy the plain looking books and we ended up in constant battles to complete the work. As he had not practised maths much before, he needed more attractive and inviting material and Eye Level did this. In addition, the staff are so helpful and hands on, and are appealing to the whole community and if my son gets stuck he gets help whether this has been remotely or in the centre. They are also great at identifying where he may need more practice and where his strengths are too, so it’s very personable”
“My children really enjoy Eye Level. Learning is fun and that’s how it should be.”

“My children’s confidence has massively increased. They’ve learned a methodical way of thinking and solving problems and now have a real thirst for learning outside of school.”
“Since doing Eye Level our Year 1 son has developed into a fluent and confident reader with an excellent sight vocabulary. He is able to remember what he has read and can discuss the subject matter and make predictions about the text. Furthermore, following the writing programme means he can now write sentences with minimal support and we love reading his creative stories and poetry from class!”
“Eye Level offers exactly what I was looking for; reinforcing maths topics and ensuring the student does not move on to the next level/topic before mastering the level he is currently on. My son also does English & Critical Thinking (the latter I have not seen offered anywhere and is key at entrance exams eg11+ so we don’t need to change provider in year 5)”
“My son’s development in maths, English and critical thinking has been very noticeable. The curriculum is relevant to school and we like that the majority of work is completed in class. As parents, we feel involved but it complements family life rather than becoming another chore to complete”

“My daughter now has a much better relationship with maths. She has moved up a set at school and is no longer struggling to understand concepts.”
“We are especially thankful for Eye Level instructors because they were there during the pandemic from day one. It was very nice to see how our daughter learned to use online tools. She looked forward to meeting her tutor every week and receiving the workbooks and teaching tools in the post each month. Now we are back at school, she’s proud that she is doing so well and we have decided to stay with ON AIR because it is so convenient for us.”
“After 2 years of Eye Level my children labelled as average for life by their school are now exceeding in all subjects. The children have developed a real passion for maths and enjoy the feeling of their hard work paying off, being top of the class”
“It is so good to see smiles on our girl’s faces in the morning when they go to school because they are not worried, they are not stressed and they know they can always ask Eye Level if they don’t understand something”
“We no longer suffer melt downs at the mention of Maths work! No more fights or struggles which is a welcome change!“