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The Eye Level Maths Olympiad is an annual online maths contest that began in 2004, that now involves over 50,000 students from 20 countries worldwide. It is designed to challenge your child’s maths skills in a variety of areas (such as number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, reasoning and problem solving).

The Olympiad takes place online every year, is open to all children in School Years 2 to 9, and aims to promote the maths skills of students of all levels around the world.

Prizes & Awards

The ELMO competition is open to both Eye Level and non-Eye Level students. It is designed to be a challenge for our long-term students and so questions are pitched up to 2 years beyond curriculum level. By pre-registering we can give you access to past papers and guidance on areas to revise prior to the test.

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UK Awards

On completion of ELMO we will announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze winner in each age group for the UK and send forward to be compared with the results of children from other countries.

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Global Judging

Winning entries from the UK will be sent to our global judges who will compare with entrants from across the US, Europe and Asia. This expert panel will decide the awarding of the ranked positions and comparative analysis from around the world. Detailed personalised feedback will be available in January for every entrant.

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Global Winners

3 contestants for each age category will be selected and awarded the prestigious ELMO Global Grand, Gold, and Silver prizes. Their achievement will be showcased around the world and celebrated..

Who can take part?

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Eye Level Maths Olympiad (School Years 2-9)

Any child that is currently in School Year 2 to Year 9 (aged 6 to 14 respectively) can take part in the competition which involves tackling 50 maths problems in 50 minutes.
Olympiad questions are challenging, but designed to suit your child’s age.

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To register and get FREE resources plus online access to ELMO on the event day, simply fill in a form for each child that would like to enter (not forgetting to add their date of birth so we can ensure they are in the right category):

  • Click the button below – on the next page, check and confirm your details (name, email, etc).
  • For ‘Child’s School Year’, please input the year group your child will be in September 2024.
  • Tick the box ‘I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions’.
  • NOTE: If you want to add more children to ELMO, you’ll need to repeat the process via https://www.myeyelevel.co.uk/elmo.
  • After payment, you’ll get an order confirmation (onscreen and email).
  • Once payment has processed, we’ll also email you your welcome details (this is usually sent to you within the hour).
  • We’ll also add you to our system and and send you updates over the coming months (watch out for the welcome email with a link to test papers you can try out ahead of the event in November!).


  • A one-time payment of £10 applies per child.
  • If you want to add more children to ELMO, you’ll need to repeat the registration process.
  • The £10/child fee applies within the event year (eg: for ELMO 2024) and does not carry into subsequent years.


  • Once you’ve successfully registered, we’ll send you links to additional resources.
  • Using these resources, you’ll be able to practise for ELMO ahead of the event.
  • We’ll also send you everything you need to know about preparing for ELMO.
  • You’ll also be invited to join the private Facebook Group for ongoing tips.
  • Ahead of the online event, we’ll send you final guidance and any support.


  • All registrations must be received by November 5th but we recommend pre-interest in order to have time to prepare with access with resources to do so.
  • The UK Maths Olympiad Test takes place online on the 3rd Sunday in November.
  • The Global Judging Panel will meet in December.
  • Winners and global prizes are announced in January.
  • 1 child, 1 entry (registration cost is £10 which covers the cost of the exam proctoring via online solution).
  • All submissions due by closing date (November 5th).
  • For additional information, please contact info.uk@myeyelevel.com

What is the process?

Registration Deadline

Participants must register their child details and current school year on this website before the deadline. You can download the relevant papers from the previous competition to practise before the real thing.

UK Maths Olympiad Test – 17th November

On the testing date, you will receive the relevant paper (G1 to G8) to be completed online via our testing partner’s platform. The test will comprise of 30 problems from our basic thinking curriculum and 20 problems from our critical thinking curriculum. The time limit is 50 minutes.

UK Judging Panel – December

UK winners will be privately contacted in January by an Eye Level representative and all entrants will be forwarded to be compared with all other global entrants from around the world.

Winners Awarded – January

Global Awards: 3 winners from each category will be announced via our HQ – Grand, Gold and Silver with a breakdown of ranking and competition feedback available to every parent.

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