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What is the process?

Registration Deadline – 22nd November

Participants must register their child details and current school year on this website before the deadline. You can download the relevant paper from the 2020 competition to practise before the real thing.

UK Maths Olympiad Test – 27th November

On the testing date, you will receive the relevant paper (G1 to G8) to be completed online via our testing partner’s platform. The test will comprise of 30 problems from our basic thinking curriculum and 20 problems from our critical thinking curriculum. The time limit is 50 minutes.

UK Judging Panel – December

UK winners will be privately contacted in December by an Eye Level representative and all entrants will be forwarded to be compared with all other global entrants from around the world.

Winners Awarded – December

Global Awards: 3 winners from each category will be announced via our HQ – Grand, Gold and Silver with a breakdown of ranking and competition feedback.

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